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Learn about beginning your journey towards finance management, proudly sponsored by SYM Finances

Presented by Sydney Cale, CFP


Monthly Expense Sheet

Utilize this tool to assist in tracking your monthly spending, sponsored by SYM Financies

Goal Setting

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Goal Setting Template

Embarking on a journey towards achieving your dreams and aspirations requires a roadmap—a structured plan that guides you through the twists and turns of life. Welcome to our goal-setting template introduction, where we provide you with the tools and strategies to articulate your ambitions effectively and pave the way towards realizing them.

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Goal Setting Mini Course

Get an inside look of our goal setting workshop presenting in April 2023. Here you will learn tools and gain insight of how to begin with goal setting. 

Career Development

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Simple Resume' Template

Aimed for beginners, this resume' template is designed to get your started on the successful path towards your career. 

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Extensive Resume Template

 This template will help you highlight your strengths and stand out to potential employers. Follow the sections and prompts provided to tailor your resume to your unique career goals and target positions.

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