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Post-College Financial Support

On Your Feet Ministries Inc. provides Financial support for Housing and Independent Living Costs for College Graduates.
For all levels of education, we provide holistic life skills training in areas necessary for real-world functioning. This includes Career & Leadership Development, Mental Health, Budgeting / Financial Literacy, Spiritual Growth, Housing information, Self Care, and Goal Setting.

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Don't Let Life After School Stress You Out

We understand how intimidating navigating an entirely new life can be. OYFM helps you get on your feet and on the path of success.

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Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.

3 Ways We Invest In Our Students

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(1) Leadership Development

Members of our organization will become better leaders as a result of our mentorship program.


$30 - 6 months

$55 - 12 months (Visit Membership Page for Payment Method)

Members of OYFM receive members only courses, unlimited one-on-one coaching, volunteer opportunities & eligibility for financial assistance/stipends. 

Get Help

Request Direct Assistance for a specific area. Non-Members receive 3 free coaching sessions !


Your Donation will help us invest in our students.
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