Modern Housing Project


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The Extended Care Program's sole purpose is to financially assist college graduates in their transition into professional adulthood, via housing funds and community resources for up to six (6) months following the date of graduation. By providing financial assistance, this program seeks to maximize graduates' potential to obtain employment in their desired career field with minimal stress. Housing funds include rental assistance and necessities such as housing materials (Mattress & Frame set, kitchen and cleaning supplies, personal items).

The ECP does not provide scholarships, tuition funding, room & board funding, or any financial assistance of that sort. 

  • Qualifications

    1. ​​​Individual must have graduated, or on track to graduate from traditional 4 year college degree program (Bachelor’s Degree). Post-graduation application deadline or any financial assistance is up to three (3) months. 

    2. Guardians must make less than $75,000 per year- assistance will be distributed based on income and need, if selected. (Only applies if a co-signer is needed for apartment approval). 

    3. Individual must be willing live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, if selected.