Founded in 2019 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, On Your Feet Ministries is a Faith-Based, Public-Non Profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose sole purpose is to assist individuals that have graduated traditional (4 year) college with housing funds for up to 6 months.

OYFM understands the hardships of life immediately after college or schooling, and we are here to help. By providing financial assistance, networking opportunities, and educational workshops, we aim to assist in the transition to adulthood. Assisting, training, and preparing the youth is the heart of the organization. 

The 6 month post-college assistance gives graduates time to get "On Your Feet" by minimizing financial stress and a grace period to seek and maintain career-based employment. Housing funds include rent, apartment materials, and other basic needs such as transportation stipends.

Furthemore, OYFM provides other assistance in the form of community events/resources and networking opportunities. (Visit our Programs Section).


(View Mission and Vision Statement Below) 


MISSION STATEMENT: On Your Feet Ministries Inc. aims to assist college graduates in accessing housing and necessary resources needed for basic living. By providing necessities following graduation, we aim to utilize our resources to propel young college graduates into a life of quality living.

VISION STATEMENT: On Your Feet Ministries Inc. aims to provide an easier transition from college to professional adulthood for those in need via apartment funding, networking, and community resources.