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On Your Feet Ministries Inc. Learning Academy

Who We Are 

On Your Feet Ministries Inc. is a Faith-Based, Non-Profit Learning Academy whose purpose is to provide Life Skills E-Learning, One-On-One Coaching, and Online Resources to Young Adults. 

OYFM aims to strengthen Independent Living Skills between the ages 16-25. 

OYFM addresses areas that improve Personal Development and Quality of Life. 

Mission Statement : Providing holistic tools to inspire empowerment, preparation, and readiness for our young individuals to reach their full potential in the world and in Christ. 

Founder Statement

DeShawn Woods, MSOL, CLC 

My name is DeShawn Woods, an Indiana Institute of Technology graduate with both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Psychology and Organizational Leadership, respectively. 

Upon completing my undergraduate program, I experienced first-hand the immediate difficulties that arise with life after traditional education. 

From resume' building, credit scores, buying my first car, or time management; these are all areas I would have benefited learning growing up or while completing my traditional education. 

My goal is to equip future generations with the necessary skills to be prepared for life ahead. 

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